Persuasion in business

The grant from the European Union on a new venture a great success, but also the beginning of a long road full of potholes and challenges needed to be overcome in order to build a strong market position and expand the business run. Therefore, how to effectively use the funds received to achieve all founded by himself and expected the EU targets?

Applying for grants from the European Union or those of entrepreneurs who have already been granted funds for development companies know very well that in addition to innovative and interesting idea, it is necessary to maintain the projected outcomes, eg. The growth in employment, income, sales volume, number of trainings educational programs, etc., for three or five years from completion of the project. Must be properly planned and carried out promotional activities that will lead to an increase in brand awareness, anchors the company's position in the market and, indirectly, will also contribute to the development of sales and increase revenue adds Tomasz Pakulski handler beneficiaries of EU funds using the communication platform.

You do not need to convince anyone that it is marketing a neuralgic point of the development strategy of every company, especially if we launch a new service or product. You should already beginning to think carefully about your goals, target groups and according to the budget plan the promotion of our bid. Effective and efficient advertising using modern tools is one of the main elements involved in achieving successful sales adds Adam Sniedzewski responsible for the development of a program called BITBANK highlighted by the Agency for Enterprise Development in 2011 as an excellent example of the use of grants in the field of e-services. Therefore, what is most important is to choose the form of promotion, tailored to the needs, expectations, target audience and budget.

Direct marketing one of the cheapest

Direct marketing is indicated as one of the cheapest promotional tools, especially the balance of effectiveness and efficiency in relation to the price which will pay for this type of campaign. This is particularly important when implementing the budget obtained from EU funds, because the effects of the work must be maintained for the next, sometimes even five years after the end of the project. That's why more and more companies are benefiting from the EU decides to invest in direct marketing. Why? Because the tools of direct marketing is not enough that allow you to precisely hit the residential and business customer, the cost incomparably less, while providing increasing competition to traditional advertising messages.

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