Persuasion in business

Imagine a huge table on which you stand, you and your competitors, and everyone shouts their recognizable offer. You are surrounded by potential customers who are in the noise completely lose their orientation.

Now imagine that instead join their rivals at the big table, standing close to the small but sturdy table that will keep you alone. You stand out. You look different, because you are alia different from all competitors. Customers see you and hear your words. This small sturdy table is a strategy of persuasion, which will allow you to convince loyalty to buy recognizable offer from you and not from others. The success of your business depends on whether you will understand that all businesses, large and small, are struggling with competition for customers.

This statement does not seem surprising or revealing, but many managers and entrepreneurs gives the impression as if he forgot about it, did not understand it or do not take into account when planning growth strategies. The consequences of running a business without paying attention to the competition can be severe and include loss of opportunities, customers, and even bankruptcy.

All the time you're surrounded ambitious rivals. Each seeks to acquire the same potential customers as you. Do not make the mistake often repeated, which is based on the belief that it is enough "to set a better trap" to customers began to push you, windows and doors. Do not think that potential customers will find you way without the help and signposts. Your company will not grow unless you consider a priority to convince customers that your "trap" - your recognizable offer will bring them tangible and emotional benefits of perfectly tailored to their needs and desires.

It is a necessary condition, regardless of how great will be your recognizable range. You must have a strategy of persuasion to convince your loyalty to purchase your recognizable offer instead of your competitors listings. In terms of the process of exploring growth opportunities this way to stand out, this approach to diversity HOW call. When you will develop an appropriate strategy of persuasion, it would mean that you have already had a very important step towards differentiate their business from all competitors.

Persuasion Strategies for demanding clients

When our agency has been hired by a large Swiss pharmaceutical company Sandoz (now part of Novartis), we were asked to assess the drug for colds, which sold well in Switzerland and Canada, but the study of the US market does not look promising. Product called NeoCitran contained a very potent anti-cold and flu. In contrast to traditional capsules, tablets and liquids NeoCitran take the form of a powder sachet filled with lemon flavor. After dissolving in hot water, tea or broth, this medicine fought many symptoms, such as fever, cough, chills, headache, muscle and fatigue.

Customers in Switzerland and Canada liked the taste of lemon fluid and appreciated its warming effect in cold climates of their countries. They also decided that the drug is effective. Whereas in the US the powder in sachets not won many supporters, despite the promise of speaking, that is: strong, relieving tonic to cure many serious flu symptoms: fever, cough, chills, headache, muscle pain, fatigue.

Given my process of discovering growth opportunities this great product had a recognizable offer irresistible, an advantage over others, and in any case, something on which one could resist internal asset. Only how to overcome the reluctance of US customers for hot drinks with lemon flavor and strange sounding names? I like them to convince that took the trouble to open the sachet, boiling water and mix when you can just swallow a pill or drink some medicine in a liquid? We agreed that the next step, aimed at the discovery of internal brand asset, requires intelligent strategii- so convincing that the Americans recognized the therapeutic effects NeoCitranu and bought it despite its form, taste and uncomfortable use!

Wishing to meet this challenge, we looked closely at constant klientowi- wanted to understand how it differs Americans suffering from the flu and its counterpart in Canada and Switzerland. We knew that a lot of Americans may be drunk hot drinks. Very important gave us also a feature of American culture: Americans have a weakness for almost everything, which is the largest and most powerful.

Intuition told us that the Americans would accept ekstrasilny means battling against the worst cold and flu symptoms. We believe that the penchant of Americans to everything that is intended for special tasks and show ekstrasile, break reluctance to buy NeoCitranu, if we manage to create a "ekstrasilna" strategy of persuasion addressed to US customers. In the language of the process of exploring opportunities for growth, we needed a powerful AS, which faithfully reflect what the best product uncovered previously recognized deal.

One day while working one of my colleagues said: "I wish that the brand name is not the flu." This seemingly naive idea drew our attention, but it seemed to us that our client on it does not agree. As it turned out, we underestimated his determination to achieve success on the huge American market. Our client has shown openness to the idea, provided that we propose any new name, which will be approved by the appropriate authorities, and that prove that this name will be effective enough to motivate buyers to purchase the product. We tried several ways to add the flu before and after the name of the brand, and created quite a few new names. The undisputed winner of this competition was the name of the combination of the words Theraflu- therapy (treatment) and the flu in a way that suggests that medication will bring relief to the flu. The new brand name was approved, and market tests give us unambiguous proof that we were looking for: Theraflu success. Thanks to the determination of our client's brand Theraflu conquered the American market. Today, it continues to draw the benefits of this strategy, persuasion, and patients can be found in almost any pharmacy.

Creating the right definition for your product or service can bring you similar benefits, and at the same time you will not have to change anything its activities. Keep in mind only that, like our client, you have to show determination to achieve growth with a strong strategy of persuasion. (...)

The strategies of persuasion, who has not upalom

In an earlier chapter I wrote about Stanley Marcus, the business genius who created an empire retailers Neiman Marcus. At some point when you build your business, he realized that it is facing a serious problem: always during the extremely hot summer of Texas sales decreased immensely. In contrast to the fashion houses with their stores in areas with milder climates, the Neiman Marcus sales decline began in the summer and continued until the end of the warm autumn months: for September and October. Customers simply waited until November and early December of purchasing expensive fur coats, jewelry and elegant men's clothes. This inconvenient for business scheme seasonal shutdowns contributed to inhibit the growth of profits.

Stanley Marcus could come to terms with the fact that the unfavorable climate Texan does not go hand in hand with its growth ambitions, or prevent it. He made a second, decided to create something in the retail aptly called "artificially espouses" wydarzeniem- event resulting from the plans of the store, not the calendar. He invented a breakthrough promotional campaign, which was later copied many times, but to this day no one matched. The primary objective of this campaign was to lead to the organization of a number of social events in Dallas during the decline in sales, which would compel customers to purchase clothing, jewelry and furs.

Created by his promotional campaigns called "fortnights" to a British expression meaning two weeks they bolstered their formation. These unprecedented Forthights are wonderful examples of a kind of creative activities that are discussed in section 4. Here, while you will learn all the details of these events, which were to sale but were organized with style and class Stanley Marcus. We will focus primarily on the strategies of persuasion guiding this extraordinary events.

Let's see what we can learn about effective defining HOW respect to the strategy of persuasion, which applied Neiman Marcus for his innovative concept of promotion.

How to Emphasize the importance of tradition, culture, arts and fashion of our country during the fourteen day celebration in October, which will attract our customers, create a unique opportunity for elegant clothes and bring recognition of our brand.

I want to clarify that the author of these words is me, not Stanley. Although quite long, this wording is specific and at the same time appeal to the imagination. Limited to how this strategy will be achieved, and no CO will be used tactic to implement this strategy. Tactics belongs to the creative sphere GIVE IT !, and this will be the subject of Part 4.

Stanley Marcus did not stop there. He also did something no one else did, and maybe never will - has created a completely new "medium" promotion. To attract and retain customers, increase sales during the holiday season and cause confusion on a global scale, he published an influential catalog of Christmas, in which he unusual gift ideas, such as submarine for her and for him, airplanes for her and for him, Traditional Chinese junks and other equally bizarre things and extremely expensive gifts. Also in this case, to illustrate how it can operate in the market strategy of persuasion, I developed a definition of HOW he could be guided Stanley:

How to Initiate the tradition of gift for Christmas so magical, costly and unexpected, it will be forced to wait for our catalog and read it, and the international press will have to write about our brand at Christmas.

Using persuasion strategies focused on solid customer - affluent, nadazajacych for fashion women and men from the area of ??Dallas, who wish to demonstrate to the world its symbols sukcesu- Stanley Marcus built a huge empire retail and gained an international reputation that distinguishes the imagination, sophistication and fashion.

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